Patty’s Hope, Richmond’s Hope

In this blog post, Porch Lights Board Member Anne Smith sits down with Leila Gunning, co-founder of Patty’s Hope. Patty’s Hope is an openly Christian organization that walks alongside mothers whose children are in the foster system. This ministry gives hope not only to those directly impacted but also for our greater city and community.

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Getting to Give

God’s design for you is unique and you were created to fulfill a unique part of His Kingdom, including His Kingdom economy. In this blog post, Porch Lights sits down with Julie Wilson to learn more about Women Doing Well, an organization that “exists to activate women of influence to live lives shaped by God’s generosity.”

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There is Hope

Porch Lights has the deep pleasure of friendship with an amazing woman, Janice Allen, whose world was torn from the known and placed on a path she could never have imagined. Janice is the CEO/President of International Cooperating Ministries (ICM), the “Global Church Developer.” In this blog post, we share lessons and stories from our chat with Janice.

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